Alex Yates

Born in Kenya and raised in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Botswana, and Educated in British Boarding Schools from age 11 up, Travel is in my Blood! 

I now live in Victoria BC Canada, and LOVE IT HERE! 

So far I have travelled to 67 countries and still have plenty to go! 

I joined a Travel Agency in June 2001 (my actual Travel Agent recruited me, and trained me). 

I was immediately addicted to being a Luxury Travel Designer, and since the Agency I worked for sold predominantly Cruises, I became a Cruise Expert, and would say 40% of my business is Cruises.  (Self Styled “Cruise Queen”) 

As the parent of a young man who uses a wheelchair, I also started to specialize in travel for People with extra support needs and have been honored to create some extraordinary Journeys for some extraordinary humans! The highlights being a trip to the top of Machu Piccu for a client who requires full support, 4 Group Cruise plus Disney trips, and a Cruise for a family of 8 coming from all around the World, whose son needed a lot of support. 

My favourite bookings are when I get to make peoples’ dreams come true, and here we are at the (hopeful) end of the Covid Pandemic and the world is opening up! I see a lot of People now ready to travel and make their Dreams come true! 

“Where can our Conversation take you?” 

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