Deluxe Travel Advisor has extensive experience in choosing and booking the perfect cruise, for every different type of Client..  If you are a small ship person, or if you want one of the mega-ships with all the bells and whistles and entertainment options. If you are all about the food, or all about the entertainment, or looking for exclusivity, or looking to hang out with a lot of new people; We know which cruise will suit you, and your companions . 

Every Year, we reach out to our cruise suppliers and find amazing deals on groups and offer them to our clients; most of the time our group options come with additional onboard credit and other free amenities that you will not get if you choose to book your Cruise on your own. 

If you are looking for a place to hold a celebration, a wedding, an anniversary or even a work conference, cruises are an excellent option. and currently we are managing three large cruise groups  for clients, one of these Cruise groups is expecting 200-400 passengers!

Cruises also include River Cruise boats, Expedition cruising, Small Yacht Adventures (even Private Yachts) , and Canal Barges. There really is a cruise for everyone! 

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